Cakes for Celebrations!

Each celebration cake is very individual and personal to who the cake is for. We have made literally hundreds of cakes, each and every one very different, and we love nothing more that creating something that perfectly reflects the person who the cake is intended for. We have customers who daren’t ask for what they want make of cake as they think it may be too difficult; too ‘out there!’ or just a bit silly, but we assure you we have had requests for some super duper crazy ideas and those are the cakes we just LOVE to create!

From animals (we’ve made a pigeon, a dog and even a trout!!!) to shoes, handbags, pop-up books, teddies and more. We love any challenge!


Novelty Cake Prices

Our novelty cake prices start from £45 for an 8 inch cake, this includes simple additions to your cake with a message/greeting.

The complexity of the design determines the price, as each and every cake is bespoke. After discussing your requirements, we will then be able to give a more accurate price for your cake.